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Manage all billing requirements!

Every business owner wants to handle their billing requirements at the point of sale to provide a better customer experience. You can manage your business requirements like inventory items, payment reminders, and a GST report. It improves the chances of sales and ensures high- quality services to their customers. Using our POS billing software, you can handle every aspect of your billing requirements in check. You can do it all using our POS billing software.

Get a professional billing app!

Our POS billing software helps you can keep track of your business activities from your Windows device. You can install our app for free with a 15-days to check out all the features in the app during the trial period. Using the app, you can create bills for your customers at the point of sale, like on a table in a restaurant. It helps get an overview of the app at no additional cost before committing to annual subscriptions.

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Generate bills

Our POS billing software comes with multiple template options for free. Using a feature like POS billing lets you create professional bills right at the point of sale. You can include your unique brand colours, logo, and style to build a connection with your customers. You can use the templates available in the app and modify them to fit better with your requirements.

Automate tasks

Creating bills is a redundant task, and manual errors are natural in traditional ledgers. Making mistakes in calculation can cause issues for a brand, and at times, it can lead to losing the customer. By automating your billing process using our desktop billing app, you can reduce the chances of errors and provide a better experience to your customers.

Inventory management

Our desktop billing software helps set up alarms for low stock values in the inventory to ensure that your customers can place the orders with your suppliers. Before running out of supplies, you have to keep track of your team and manage a wide range of items. Further, you can track details like expiry dates to avoid wastage of products in your store using the app

Run your online store

We provide you with an interface to run your business online on our platform. Every business can grow sales by embracing digitisation and having their products/services displayed in an online store. Our team allows you to set up your online digital mini shop to list all the products/services you can offer. Using our billing software, your customers conveniently view and purchase the items/services they need from you.

Print bills and send online

You can physically print invoices for every customer who make a purchase and hand them over or send them along with the products. Our app supports all types of printers currently operational, so the printer in your store is compatible with our desktop billing software.

Data security and backup

We know that data is essential to building an intelligent business strategy. Thus, we help you secure your data and make backups. Using the billing app for a desktop, you can sync your sales data for automatic backup in Google Drive. Further, you can use the app to create data backups in your local space for added security and a seamless billing experience.

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Build relationships with end customers!

Using our POS billing software, you can make an impact on your customers positively. Our billing app for desktop lets you customise the bills to portray your brand’s image and business requirements, and you can build a connection with your customers by representing your brand’s message through the hidden statements in the bill design. Here are some ways how you can build meaningful relationships with customers. It will help grow your business over time.

You can take away all the rewards and discount offers to boost your sales during festivals. Customers come back to you for more once they are aware of your products/services. It will help you attract more customers in the future and retain them for the long term
Our POS billing app will help represent your brand’s identity in a better way. You can use the features to establish trust among customers. Using the app, you can create bills using templates provided within the desktop app.
You can keep loyal customers happy by offering them credit options. It will make them feel incentivised for being your customer and help you make more sales. You can set up limits based on credit facilities based on shopping and payment history.
maintain customer relationship in pos billing software

Advantages of having a billing software for POS, desktop

All traditional billing software lacks simple features that can help a regular user in your store with billing requirements like facilitating POS transactions. Unlike them in our billing software for desktop, you can handle every accounting task, billing requirement, and inventory management data in one place. Here are some ways our billing app for desktop stands out among competitors.

get all payment facilities with pos billing software
All payment facilities

We have included eWallets, UPI, NEFT, debit and credit card, QR code, and POS devices to facilitate easy transactions for customers. With progress in digitisation, people are shifting to multiple payment options. Using our POS billing software, you can provide your customers with all the payment options they need.

create accounting reports with pos billing software
Create Accounting reports

Using data analysis, you can save time and money in maintaining your accounts. You can use our POS billing app on a desktop to keep track of your finances. You can use the app to account for all your business transactions. Using the data collected in the sales, you can generate GST reports to file taxes.

manage operations from anywhere with pos billing software
Manage operations from anywhere

Using the live activity tracker tools for his business, you can ensure that everything works out well when you head out on vacation. You can handle all your business operations from anywhere using our desktop billing app.

Get the desktop billing software for POS devices!

The best POS billing software on a desktop can help you create bills, manage inventory, and file GST in one place. Our app features make it a must-have app for any small or medium business owner in India. Our POS billing app comes with many helpful features to make the billing process seamless. You can use our app on your desktop computer and use a POS device to bill your customers anywhere in the store. You can send the bills using WhatsApp and email to make it a seamless process for your customers.

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