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Every business owner wants to make the entire billing process to ensure quality services to customers. Using our retail shop billing software, you can keep every aspect of your retail business requirements in check, and that too in one place. Right from managing inventory, sending payment reminders, and creating a financial report, you can do it all using the best retail shop billing software.

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The best part about using professional billing software is that you can keep track of your business activity from anywhere. You can install our app on your Android smartphone and check out the business dashboard to better understand your business finances.

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all-in-one retail shop billing software
Customised billing

Our professional billing app for the retail store comes with multiple billing template options available for free. Using the feature, you can make the bills suitable to your brand image. You can use any template you see fit that aligns with your business and modify it to include your brand colours for any specific business/festival requirement.

Inventory management

Retail stores have to manage a wide range of items in a vast inventory, and they have to keep track of all items available in the store. It helps you set up alarms for low stock values to ensure you can place items with your suppliers before selling them out. Tracking the expiry of inventory items can help avoid wastage of products in your store.

Data security

We know that data play a crucial role in determining your business strategy in future. Thus, it makes it essential to keep the data safe for your business. Using the billing app for the retail store, you can safely create data backups in your local storage. You can automate backup to your data in Google Drive if data loss is to recover your sale/purchase data.


Every retail business likes to have its products on display so that more people can conveniently view and purchase order the items they need. We provide you with an online digital mini shop to allow you to list all the products in your store. It provides your customers with convenience and gives your products better visibility.

Reducing manual errors

Making bills for a retail store is a time consuming and redundant task that is prone to manual errors. Making mistakes in calculation can cause unnecessary calculation issues, and at times, it can lead to the possibility that creating financial reports can become difficult. By automating the billing process, you can significantly reduce the chances of possible errors.

Invoicing and printing

You can easily print invoices for your customers in your store using the print feature in our billing software. Our app supports all types of printers that are currently operational, so you can use the one in your store without worrying about the compatibility of printers. Further, you can print the invoice as a pdf on your device and send it over to your customer using email or WhatsApp.

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Build better relationships with customers!

Using professional billing software can help you make an impact on your client in multiple ways. By customising the bills, you can tell them your brand's story in simple words. You can easily set up a reward program and multiple customisation options to boost trust among customers. Here are some ways you can build better relationships with customers.

You can create an appealing design using customisation options within the app. It will help you to represent your brand's image and establish your brand's identity. You can make the designs synonymous with your website colours and social media post colour to make it a perfect fit for your business.
You can keep hold of your most important customers by providing them with credit options as per their shopping history. You can provide a pay later option to your top shoppers to help them shop more and meet customer demands.
You can set up customer reward programs and discount offers for seasonal sales. It will help you attract more customers to your event and help you make more sales. By incentivising customers to shop, they are likely to spend more.
Build customer relationships with retail shop billing software

Benefits of having an advanced billing app in a retail shop

Traditional billing software helps many businesses hand their business requirements, but they fail at providing a clean UI and lack features suitable for a regular user. Unlike performing billing and accounting tasks on this software, advanced billing apps help make the transactions online using QR codes. Here are some ways our billing apps can provide

get multiple payment options in retail shop billing software
Provide multiple payment options

With enhanced digitisation and technological development, there has been a change in the ways customers like to make payments. Using our billing software, you can provide your customers with all the payment options, including UPI, bank transfer, NEFT, RTGS, debit card, credit card, pay later, QR code, POS devices, and a lot more.

generate financial reports with billing software for retail shop
Create financial reports

You can use our billing software to store all your business transactions' details safely. Later, you can use these transactions to create sale reports, GST reports, and other valuable reports. Using the data, you can analyse the demand for products and take reasonable actions to improve sales. You can keep track of supplies that are in demand and ensure their availability in the store.

manage business operations with billing software for retail shop
Manage business operations

You can handle all your business operations seamlessly from one app. Our billing software comes with a business dashboard that can help you track down your business activities and help ensure that everything is working out well even when you are not available at your store. It helps reduce the burden of running a retail store as you have to keep the items in check.

Get the best billing software for your retail business!

Retail stores have queues and thus require a fast billing app that offers a wide range of features. The billing app for a retail store comes with all the features required to help run a business smoothly. You can make invoices, manage expenses, create reports, file taxes, and do a lot more using our billing app. All of these features make our billing software a perfect choice for retail business owners.

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